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ComicLab Testimonials

ComicLab has been tested by several school children and teachers of primary and secondary education in Greece, Cyprus, and Spain.

Samples of implementation:

Artists have created their own interactive comic books using their imagination and creativity.
ComicLab is being used by publishing houses to transform printed comic books into flipping comic books.

ComicLab Demo Comiclab Demo!

Young artists claim that:

“With this easy-to-use click-and-drag comic creator nothing other than imagination is needed to create interactive flipping comic books.”
“This software delievers what it says. Almost any image can be imported and placed in any of the selected frames of a comic book page.”
“It is fun to put backgrounds and cliparts and to add hyperlinks, sounds and videos in text balloon of various styles.”
“Interactive flipping comic books are really cool.”

Teachers who used ComicLab in schools mentioned:

ComicLab interactive comics are an effective medium for dramatising key messages and telling a story.”

ComicLab comics are better accepted by children who are reluctant readers.”
“Kids enjoy creating their own interactive comic book stories. It is amazing how expressive a kid can be via comic books.”
“It is extremely useful to import ComicLab interactive comic books as learning objects into Moodle.”

ComicLab web comic book creator has been used in schools for the needs of an EU co-funded project, called EduComics Project.

EduComics is an European Commission education project under the Life Long Learning Programme Comenius Action. It aims to show how web comics can be used in the classroom in an attempt to enhance learning, engage and motivate students, and use technology in a practical and effective way.

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